Jah9 & The Dub Treatment

Jah9 & The Dub Treatment

Shamans of Sound

Sun Jun 30

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


This event is all ages

For any wheelchair or ADA needs, please contact the Box Office in advance of the performance at (443) 283-1200.

Jah9 & The Dub Treatment
Jah9 & The Dub Treatment
When Jah9 sings, hearts and minds awaken. Old school blues improvisation meets hard hitting lyrical prowess in a rich imaginative blend of vocal clarity and complexity. She sings with a voice that belies the dimensions of her physical body, from a soul much older than its current vessel. Her philosophy is profoundly spiritual and her style is Jazz on Dub. Jah9 was born Janine Cunningham in the Western rural town of Falmouth to a social worker mother and preacher father. College brought her into town, the campus introduced her to Rastafarians, dub and roots reggae. Taking her childhood nickname of Jah9 she became a staple of Jamaica's progressive poetry scene, while recording demos with producer Sheldon Bernard led her to the legendary Beres Hammond. Through Hammond she signed with Don Corleone Records in 2010 and recorded the singles "Warning" and "Keep Holding On" with producer Donovan Bennett. Her breakthrough came in 2013 when her track "Brothers" shared a single with Chronixx and his song "Smile Jamaica" on the flipside, then her debut album, the aptly titled New Name, landed on Rory "Stone Love" Gilligan's label. A year later she released the compilation Singles and in 2016 she joined the VP label with her new Full length CD Simply Titled "9". Her latest album Notes to Sel is scheduled for release later this year. With several years of solid touring and headline slots on European and North American Festivals behind her in, scheduled performances in 2018 include the prestigious Sierra Nevada World Music Fest in June and Reggae and the Park in Philadelphia in August with other US and international dates pending. Jamaica's best-kept secret as Mikey Bennett of Grafton Studios once called her - is now out in the open.

"9 fulfils the promise of her earlier releases with expansive maturity, prophetic purpose and even deeper displays of warrior-goddess prowess on the mic" - Greg Tate (Black Rock Coalition)

You don't have to be an avid reggae listener to be enraptured by the hypnotic vocals of Jah9. Possessing a chilling yet bewitching vibrato evoking a young Ella Fitzgerald and a rootsy coolness à la Erykah Badu MTV Iggy

Part poet and part protest singer, all wrapped up in one beautiful dub voice. Headphone Nation
Shamans of Sound
Shamans of Sound
Shamans were once found in all cultures and communities around the world, and these spiritual healers provided guidance to the people, helping them navigate the twists and turns of life, death and culture. Coming straight from the heart of Babylon itself in Washington, D.C. the Shamans of Sound are a talented group of musicians who have joined together to create sonic alchemy with conscious, groove oriented riddims. The Shamans of Sound are united together in a common purpose; healing of the nation through their spiritual, mind altering sounds and vibrations.

A new project, the band members are all veterans of the DC scene, hailing from other bands such as Nappy Riddem, Incwell, Dub City Renegades, Awthentik, Feel Free and Tropik Sol. A few band members have deep local roots, while others grew up in far flung places like Germany, Philippines, Italy and Russia. Their diversity is their strength as they bring a variety of experiences and influences to the table, ranging from reggae and dub to hip-hop, r&b and dancehall. Its their shared love of reggae which brings everyone together with the goal of making the world a better place with conscious, uplifting music. In addition to all of the talented musicians in the band, The Shamans of Sound will feature a variety of vocalists to rock the mic on their original riddims.

Not just another reggae band, the best way to experience the Shamans of Sound is live in concert, which is always exciting as the group is not afraid to experiment and incorporate new elements into their sound. This is just the opening salvo from The Shamans of Sound, they have surprises and songs in store coming soon. Their music is like life, with its different facets, hitting you with lyrics that are conscious, that are tragic, but also full of joy and humor. The Shamans of Sound have arrived and they are ready to stimulate the mind, soothe the soul and relax the body….

The Shamans of Sound self-titled debut single is coming out just in time for Summer, and these are the vibes you want wafting through the air as you chill in your hammock rolling up another fat spliff.
Venue Information:
The Soundry
10221 Wincopin Circle
Columbia, MD, 21044